Monday, May 31, 2010

Bobby: Look! It's Robama! Robama: Call me Mr. President. Robotwin: But you're not really him. Robama: He put me in charge -- he thought it was time for a change.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Bobby: Keep your head on, here comes the President. Robotwin: Of the United States?! Bobby: Of the United State Machines.

Monday, May 17, 2010

What to do this summer? Robot Camp!

Recently, I received an email from my Aunt Joyce. "Perhaps this would interest your robotics site visitors," she wrote. What she sent opened my mind to a whole new world I wish had existed when I was a kid. Back then, my grandma sent me to Bible school over one summer, and the only thing I can remember was how a teacher publicly ridiculed me for not knowing how to spell a word. I still have trouble spelling. Looking back, I know I would've had a lot more fun at robotics summer camp! If you're a kid into science or a parent with one, check out these summer camp links (hurry because the registration deadlines are approaching soon and they're filling up fast):

Robotics summer camp listings from NASA

Learn to build Robotix kits in Agoura Hills
Adventures in robotics at Stanford University

Robotics and Beyond in New Milford
Lego and Vex robotics in Avon

Robotics explorations in Atlanta, Peachtree City, and Roswell

Robotics Boosters in Palm Harbor

Beginning Robotics with Boe Bot at SIU
It's full but you can get on the waiting list just in case.
Lego camp at SIU
Pirates, Dinosaurs, Wizards and Robots! Oh, my! (in Palos Hills)

Adventures in robotics at Harvard
Just for girls: Lego robotics and art at Tufts University
Frontiers in robotics in Worcester

Rock climbing AND Robot building? Go figure!
Autonomous robots in Southfield

New Hampshire
Lego robotics at Rivier College

New Jersey
Robotics + Chess in Branchburg and Somerset

New York
Robot camp sponsored by Lockheed Martin in Schenectady

Robotics camp in Pittsburgh

Build toy robots in Redmond

West Virginia
Lego robotics at Marshal University

United Kingdom
Robotics summer school in London

Children's Technology Workshop has camps in Asia, Canada, and USA.
Bobby: She's a robot like you, Robby. Robby: How can you tell? Close-up of girl's feet: Her metal feet were my first clue.