Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I finally completed the 2nd issue of WebComic Fury Digital Magazine! What a challenge and a lot of hard work it was. I was mildly hoping that my being the editor and art director would entail more delegation of duties, but in spite of having so many contributors, I burned the midnight oil several times to get this issue completed. It features an exclusive interview with Nate Piekos, mastermind of BlamBot.com and creator of Atland, also an interview with webcomic creators J & J Maillet, authors of The Other Grey Meat, a review of Kristy Kuechenmeister's Wake the Sleepers, and a logo-making tutorial from the author of Obscurat. Cover drawing by Teh-Lady-Randomness, author of Daily Doodle. Click here to download the 2.2 MB PDF.